Something strange going on with the metalness node

I’ve been using 3DCoat to paint textures for a model I have been working on. All the textures mapped properly as I expected accept for the metalness texture. I’ve examined the texture in a 2D editor by eye, and could not find anything wrong with it. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Here is the flat texture:

Is it on purpose that you don’t use any Texture Coordinate node with for example UV output as input for the Vector input of the ImageTexture node?

Forgive me if I missed something, no it’s not on purpose. Can you show me the purpose of that, or a video explaining it? I mean everything else came out as I expected accept for this one metalness texture. I’m new and still learning. Why would all the other textures work fine without it and not meatlness?

Usually, you don’t absolutely need to put a texture coordinate node on an image texture, since it defaults to using a UV map if there’s one available. For the sake of troubleshooting though, it wouldn’t hurt to throw some in there.

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I assume this is what you meant, didn’t seem to change anything though.

no, more something like this :

This looks like there is some mesh or object overlapping.Look at your outliner if some mesh is still active in preview.
Could be wrong normal directions too.Or not correctly assigned material.(not assigned or double mat etc.)
Btw the roughness map should be set to non color data ,since they are stored data.