something stuck in my head

Have you ever had something stuck deeply in your head? An idea, a symbol or a feeling?

I don’t know, I don’t feel like it’s anything meaningful though. It’s just something stuck in my head, and I think about it and I wonder why I keep thinking about it…

Our brains don’t generate random thoughts, all thoughts come from other thoughts from what we see, hear, feel, taste or smell…

Usually there’s a reason why you are thinking such thoughts. For example, you take a bite out of a cookie. The cookie is hard to bite it and your tooth hurts. You remember the same pain from when you went to the dentist, the dentist you went to was a girl, a girl in your school just got braces, the girl’s braces were blue, there was a blue shirt in a store that you wanted to buy the other day, etc. Until you get a thought that interests you enough to stop.

That was a bad example, but I was just trying to say that depending on whatever your initial thoughts were there should be a reason to why you are thinking what you are currently thinking. Usually thoughts like those take one second to pass through your mind.

So I come to the conclusion that there’s a reason why you have an idea, or feeling, or symbol stuck in your head. The thought came from somewhere.

I thought that was interesting…

Sorry this was kind of pointless thread, and I think I’m wrong on few things, I usually am. I posted it here just to get some input on a thought I thought was interesting…

I’ll see you guys later.

Can I tell my philosophical story? Um, if you ask, I’ll remove this comment.
So anyway, I was thinking about why our body does things it does, like shivering, blinking, and all sorts of things that seem to be perfectly choreographed to keep us living. The human body is extremely complicated, and I thought, this thing can’t be made from chance like Darwin said.
Then I saw some viruses. They have no minds, and therefore no will to live. But still, they strive and survive? I thought how? Then it dawned on me, the only reason biology got complicated was because it had to. It doesn’t try to be complicated. It just does it on its own. If there are three competing species of differing complexity and therefore differing ability to survive, then obviously the complicated and hardier one will survive, and the other will get eaten. Then from that single complicated specie comes mutants and ever more complicated animals. It’s all simple. The only reason there are no simple life is because they all got eaten. At least some of them.
Then I thought why I was having such an epiphany in such an unlikely vicinity. I realised I was writing about E. Coli and how it survives. Wow! Everything does have a reason.

As I write this, I have a new idea. Computers are not evolving. They are not changing really. All they are doing now is getting smaller and smaller. It’s the software and the people writing them that are changing. As the computers get smaller, we can fit more into a laptop, and it only looks likes the computer is evolving. No it isn’t. The software is. It’s true. Our next big leap would be quantum computing, and until then, computers would just get smaller and smaller, or the computers would get bigger and bigger until people can’t take it anymore.
Then I again thought why I was having such thoughts. Well actually, I was planning to write a computer analogy to the above thought, but obviously, computers and viruses and bactrias are different.

Oh boy, you’ve changed my thinking forever. Now I’m going tot hink about why I was thinking that sort of thinking from now on.

And here’s my relay to the thought.

We are complex.

End of story :p.

Who has ever felt that Philosophy can solve almost anything?

Not me. Not at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think philosophy can solve everything, just things related to our minds and how they think. Discovering how we think, can help us know what to think.

Nice story, by the way, haha

TWS Admin, I agree, we are complex, but I want to know what makes us so complex. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: