Something that could be useful to Blender users in a few years

Now you can draw on air using virtual reality goggles

Could really come in handy for all sorts of things in a few years time, since it’s a few thousand dollars, I wouldn’t pressure Blender developers to add support to this thing yet.

cool, now I want one.

I think they should have immediate support, everyone who can afford blender can afford this too, I mean, it is only a little to add on to the price of this outrageously expensive 3d app :slight_smile:

It’s cool, but…

I just can’t help noticing how you seem to say a lot of very contradicting things (in all your topics).

that is cool
to add more to it they should add an impact effect
where you can feel the impact of sculpting and touching the model
its not far fetched
its completely possible
google these
burning saltwater

Aha, just the thing blender developers can work on straight after they fnnish the make me good at blender, and make all my imagees awsome function.

But seriously though, i think it’ll never happen.

Never say never, people in the 1800’s and early 1900’s believed the telephone and the automobile wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance at succeeding.

Believe it will never happen and it will never happen, it’ll only happen if we shed the It’ll never happen mentality.

If you want to puke real fast, use it with rotating mode…

Strangely enough, some people aren’t focused solely on getting an ego-boost out of using a program with the craziest, most high-tech gimmicks.

No! What kind of crazy mofo would that be.

Wow I feel good about myself.
I like gadgets and I like to have fun.