Something that I want to fix/improve on Import/Export FBX addon

Hello everyone,

I will be using Blender to create an indie game (in Unity), and of course, for this I need to export the Blender models to Unity via FBX. The problem I’m facing with this addon (which I’ve been researching and there are a lot of people arguing about this as well) is that, since Blender’s coordinates are not the same as Unity’s, the FBX exporter tries to adapt those coordinates, but It doesn’t actually adapt the meshes, it only rotates them, so they face in the same direction in both programs. I wish I could export them with the rotation zero in all axis (I mean, if it needs to rotate the meshes because of the diferences of the orientations, it should do it in edit mode, not in object mode).

I know that there is an option in the FBX exporter to apply transforms, but it has a warning saying that it could have some problems (anyway I tested it and it seems to work fine on simple meshes, but it doesn’t work for rigged characters).

So, fear enough, I am a .Net programmer and I was willing to modify and correct the FBX addon, so I was knocking my head off to my desk trying to understand how does it works (the python code I mean). I have to notify that I have no experience on python programming (of course, neither in Blender), so it is very hard to me. Is there anyone that could help me or give me some hints that I could use to solve it? Or maybe anyone who has already done this?

Thanks in advance

Make a search on Unity exporter addon

You want to speak with Bastien Montagne. You will usually find him on IRC #blendercoders channel on freenode.

Thank you for the responses! I just searched for some addons, and downloaded a few. I will test them to see if they works for me as expected. As a last resort, I will try to speak with Bastien.