Something that's always bothered me...

Here’s a situation I’ve never found myself in thankfully, but I was wondering what people would do in this situation:

You chat up a really hot girl (or so you think), you take her back to your place and you start making out. Things get really heated and you undress (that emoticon doesn’t represent her BTW - it’s me drooling). As you undress her, you notice that she isn’t particularly attractive naked, so what do you do?

What would you do if you had married the girl without seeing her naked? Would anyone even do that? I know plenty of people who have done so but I would be too afraid I would find myself in this situation.

first of all, i dont sleep with girls on the first date :wink:
And the secound, if i did it, i would have been to drunk to remember, and i wouldent give ashit about how she looked like. Unthil next day. Then im Fucked up

Edit: I dont realy care so much about looks… infact, I dont like ‘Pretty’ girl, Those to good looking girls always cheet with you annyways.

Looks aren’t everything IMHO. It’s whats inside that counts. May be a cliche, but its what I believe.


I agree with you here.

And there’s no poll option for us people that think looks aren’t most important…

I agree with you here.

And there’s no poll option for us people that think looks aren’t most important…[/quote]

Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would react that way and I can’t seem to edit the poll options. That’s annoying. I was going to have another: pretend to fall asleep but I guess the ‘looks don’t matter’ option could have gone in there too. Anyone know how to edit the options?

I actually find that very interesting when people say that looks don’t matter, especially guys because you know that if a really hot girl walks past, you take time to check her out, right? Do you do the same to a lard bucket who waddles by? I highly doubt it.

Another thing is that right now I’m watching an episode of Average Joe, which is where they set a beauty queen (called Malena) up on dates with average looking guys and near the end some attractive guys are brought in. Now in this episode Malena puts on a fat suit and sees how the guys react.

What really annoys me is that throughout the show she has clearly shown her enthusiasm for attractive men and yet judges the guys when she sees their reaction to an ugly woman. I think beauty matters to everyone even if beauty is not judged the same by everyone.

I’m sure I can say that some of you have visited porn sites over the years. Do you look for pictures of ugly girls?

I do partly agree with NOR.J in that

Those to good looking girls always cheet with you annyways.

but I don’t think you can judge all pretty girls like that. That’s just as shallow as judging ugly people. I’ve met some pretty girls who are genuinely nice.

My main point was not about the relationship being serious - it’s more casual. I do believe that long term (i.e. in marriage) you shouldn’t value looks but it’s still hard to do. Seeing beauty just makes you feel nice. Inner beauty sometimes doesn’t cut it.

What I’d like to know now is that if you decided to follow through because looks don’t matter, would you keep the lights on or not?

yea looks dont count for me neither ive met someone with a great personality :smiley: and she is cool :P.

I draw a line at fat girls… that shows that they have gross disrespect for themselves or some kind of heavy mental problem that makes them want to use food as consolation all of the time. If you marry you’re helping pay for all of that shit she eats and you’ll pay somehow for her mental problems. To me it’s just as irresponsible as smoking. All you have to do is control what you eat and/or make sure you walk around and exercise enough. It isn’t hard. Same thing with girls who have heavy acne. A little is understandable and perhaps unavoidable… but a blistered face just shows that she doesn’t bathe enough.

Is it superficial? Maybe… but I think the logic justifies it. Beyond that, I’m really picky, but moreso about personality than looks.

well…for the majority, you’re right. but sometimes it,s not their fault. I dunno how it’s call in english, but some people have problems in their system which make them get fat easier. I know a girl that really take care of what she eat and do exercice…and still…she doesn’t really have a perfect line you know…

For myself, I sure don’t like ugly girls…and I think most of us don’t. But if I had to choose between a beauty queen with no head…and an average girl with knowledge…I wouldn’t even think about it and I would go with the 2nd one.

From my experiences…most of the “super good looking girl” have a character I don’t like. Over the years, they seemed to have understood they could get almost everything they wanted just by a cool smile at a guy…and they think they’re superior and sometimes they even fake to be or ARE stupid, just to “impress” or watever the guys around. Which is completly the opposite of what I like lol…

my thought about it… :wink:

I would hurt her very badly then sick a blowtorch on her and call the police.
I hate girls that want to look cute.

Yeah, what I hate most about fat/ugly girls is they complain so much about pretty girls flaunting their bodies in porn or fashion by saying it degrades women. Do you hear overweight, hairy builders complaining that male porn actors degrade them?

I think the proper word is mouthisbiggerthanassholiosis. It’s a common genetic disorder :D. Seriously, I think it’s to do with glands or something they say. There must be truth in the statement that it’s their fault because doctors all over the world say it. Glands or digestive systems can be to blame but it’s bad eating habits and stuff that develop the conditions.

A beauty queen with no head. Hmmm, it would depend on what planet she’s from. I know what you mean but I don’t think I rate intelligence highly in personality. Stupid people are really funny sometimes - they’re like kids. I think my ideal girl would be attractive and have a kind nature with an open-minded sense of humour. I don’t need intellectually stimulating conversation from a girl.

It’s true, attractive people do get treated better. But what can you do about it? That girl Malena I mentioned earlier, when she had the fat-suit on, went into the street and asked for directions to a cinema and no-one would even look at her. Without it, she said people would fall over themselves to help her out.

We live in a shallow society, always have, always will. What made me laugh was when she said she was so surprised at how people treated her when she was fat. Says the girls who has lived her life as a beauty queen and rejected all the fat guys in the line-up first. Blowtorch eh? That may be a bit extreme but it is veeeeery annoying. One thing I hate most is all that special underwear women have. I think that should be banned. Like outplants and underwire bras and ass squashing underwear. When all that comes off, you’re left with a gelatinous blob.

Not to mention all the layers of makeup they put on. I’ve seen girls who plaster it on and they look great in pictures but when it comes off, they look hideous.

I reckon the best place to pick up girls is either on the beach or in a swimming pool. That way there’s little chance of any surprises.

sounds like a slapper.

self control is a virtue.



I’m not talking about a girl with an IQ of 250…that know everything about physics or history or watever…I’m talking about a girl that is NOT dumb. a girl that when in class won,t always be saying: Stop talking soo fast, I don,t understand anything!..a girl that DO NOT change her hair color to blond…lol…

I’m talking about a girl that can have a serious conversation about watever, a girl that do have a sens of humor…but don’t look like a kid because she laugh at every fucking thing you say because she don’t understand it…

I don’t like kids…so I won’t go out with one…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
And all my bases,
Are belong to you!

they are belong to ME :smiley:


That’s impossible to happen, unless ofcourse you are dumb enough to get married to someone from the first date…

I think you need to give it some serious thought…

Dating a girl, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get married…

The purpose of dating, is to get to know each other…

You will have to date with a lot of girls before you manage to decide who’s the best to spend the rest of your life with…

And the criterion for that is not her looks, or her intelligence, or because you feel sorry for her and can’t hurt her feelings. If you don’t like that girl you’re dating now, find a nice excuse and get the hell out… It’s not just for you, but for her own shake as well…

The only safe criterion is wether you mutually and unconditionally love each other enough, to do the most stupid thing in the world (:P): sacrifice your freedom!!! (:P)

I can’t tell you how this kind of love looks like… You’ll know when it happens.

You chat up a really hot girl (or so you think), you take her back to your place and you start making out. Things get really heated and you undress (that emoticon doesn’t represent her BTW - it’s me drooling). As you undress her, you notice that she isn’t particularly attractive naked , so what do you do?

I’d probably not be able to get a boner…

What would you do if you had married the girl without seeing her naked? Would anyone even do that? I know plenty of people who have done so but I would be too afraid I would find myself in this situation.

What… this stuff still happens ? And you know ppl who’ve done so ? Well, what can I say … you mean like no sex before marriage and so on ?


you are right there, but when you get to know her a Bit, you will see if she is like those girls that do cheet, you know? :wink:
But i would give it a try annyway, you never know when you meet the woman in your life :slight_smile:

Yeah, it would probably get annoying if she laughed at everything. Good for the self esteem though. :wink:

You don’t like kids??? How can you say that, they’re adorable. I admit they get annoying at times but if you understand where they’re coming from, they’re amazing.

No, it happens all the time. Especially in America with this whole silver ring thing. It mainly happens among religious people. Indian culture is worst with the arranged marriages.

It’s like md01 pointed out, no sex before marriage. As I was raised as a christian, I know loads of people who have done this. It makes me sad because they are nice people but you can see in a lot of their eyes that they’re not happy.

Man, that sucks, I feel your pain. I once slept on my arm and couldn’t get it up for 20 seconds. Totally freaked me out. Be careful what you try to get a boner. There was a guy who had tried to enhance his performance by injecting cocaine into his wang. He got gangrene in his limbs. Had to have both legs amputated, 9 fingers and his dick fell off:

Doesn’t viagra work for you?

A lot of people say that to me but I don’t think so. I have met girls who give me the classic symptoms of love, feeling ill, not able to eat or sleep right but most of them I never spoke to which means it’s just physical attraction.

I have also met girls who I felt attracted to (but no symptoms) because they are fun to be around but I’m not physically attracted to them so I don’t go out with them. I think you need both physical and emotional attraction.

The main point of my post was not really about whether you should choose between personality and looks but I like that line of thought so we can keep going with it. It was mainly about girls pretending to be what they’re not that I can’t stand.

You don’t usually see (straight) guys spending hours making themselves look nice with make-up or figure hugging undies. We put it out there for women to see us for what we are. Ugly women who conceal themselves are like dogs in models’ clothing - it’s plain deceitful.

Who’s more shallow, the girls who make themselves look pretty to attract guys or the guys who are only attracted to pretty girls?

chances are if you have a girl who is willing to go home with a total stranger, get naked, and have sex, her body isnt your biggest problem.

Ok, but assume that she’s not a total stranger. Let’s say you’ve known her for some time but you’ve never seen her nekkid. It’s worse if you’ve known her for a while because it’s not so easy to get out once you start undressing. Would you make sure you had seen the girl more or less naked i.e. in a bathing costume before you got intimate?

Well, you have a point there, but still nowadays this is an unusual thing to happen… You just mentioned that this happens to specific groups. The majority of people doesn’t face such problems…

Also you must keep in mind that you don’t need to have sex with a girl in order to be able to see her body…

You can still go to the beach you know for a swim… :wink:

They sure must be, but if you look underneath the surface, you’ll understand that physical appearance is the least of their problems…

You sure do… But you also need something more than these two things…

Let me ask you a question (if I may, ofcourse)…

“Physical beauty” is a temporary thing… How about your “hot_sexy_with_great_body” wife who also attracts you “emotionally” as well, gets pregnant a couple of times and gets her perfect sillhouette “spoilled”? What will you do? Will you stop wanting to be with her?

The main point of my previous reply, was that if for one reason or the other (including the looks), you don’t feel “comfortable” with a girl, you should get the hell out, before you screw things up and make both unhappy, but I suppose I didn’t make it clear… Sorry for that.

I dissagree with that…

There are lots of guys who are spending their time in gyms and take “chemicals” in order to improve their bodies, and they do it for the same reasons, as women do. If women are shallow, then these guys are equally as well…

And many guys are trying to conceal the weaknesses of their character (or at least what they think as weakness…), which is worst. And that’s the reason why we mostly, screw things up. When you’re not acting as your real self, you’re inclined to commit mistakes…

Can you honestly say to me that you always say the truth to girls?

You see this kind of behavior, is not only a women’s privilledge…