something this forum is missing...

(nemesis) #1

is the ability to send replies to your email! I found this very useful in the old boards at, since sometimes I forget to check my posts for replies.

A small question for Kib_Tph: how many people have signed up since NaN’s bankruptcy? It would be interesting to know

(Pablosbrain) #2

I agree… being able to recieve an email when a post has been answered was a huge help.

One other thing I noticed… this forum soft rearranges the forumns with the ones you have added too on top. It gets a bit confusing.

(Goo) #3

I’d agree that having the option to have the replies e-mail to you was very useful, but the only question is if you can do that with what ever type of message board is set up here.
As for how many people have joined I’d guess between 75 and 100 people. I joined the day NaN closed down the old web page and I know it was in the low hundreds. Every time I’ve stopped by Elysiun since then there’s a new person as the newest user to be signed up.


(Goo) #4

Oh yeah. As far as I can tell the reason the posts rearrange themselves is that the order isn’t determined by the posting date, but the most recent reply date.


(S68) #5

Keep kool pals,

we are lucky enough to have a forum…

In any case, if our lovely host wishes to update the forum for better service [email protected] was thinking to FUD for the community 3.0 project.

I happened to set up a FUD forum somehostelse for other stuff, so, if [email protected] is too buisy and Kib wishes I might help.


(sten) #6

what does FUD stands for ?


(S68) #7

Can’t remember Forum Under Development ? :slight_smile:


(sten) #8

ok… :smiley:

(Timothy) #9

I think I disabled this e-mail setting, ehm I will look into switching to phpBB 2.0 later this week, and might enable it then. But I will not switch to FUD or anything else. Barts main reason not to pick phpBB was the threading which it doesn’t have. I don’t really like threading that much and thus won’t go for a board with threading.

I think sofar about 150 members have signed up since march 14’th.