Something to ask about working with UVs.

How do you realistically edit an UV unwrap in quick succession without needing to tediously pull one vertex at a time? This has nothing to do with unwrapping which I’m already familiar with but simply the editing of the dots(moving them where you want to). In real life, with an animal skin, you’d stretch it like a balloon with pins attaching it. I know about the Proportional Edit tool but haven’t gotten it to work in a way that I want to(pulling one polygon moves the whole UV mesh across the image layout). What should I do to make my working more natural in flow and speed? Can I somehow fix the unwrapped mesh to the layout so it doesn’t move when you stretch it with the proportion tool(if that’s what it’s meant for)? Or is it all done by unwrap? If that’s the case, what would be the best way to do it in order to ensure atleast some workflow?

Try this. Might give you some good ideas.

Saved it to favorites. You verified what I originally suspected(it is done mostly by unwrap).

Just to spend the opportunity to ask, what is the Proportional Edit used for in UV unwrapping? Just to move around stuff without hassle? Seems fairly unnecessary as you can just select the parts of the mesh you want to move and grab them. It did stretch the mesh a slight bit when used but not to an extent that I’d consider useful when I need to get a UV map finished fast. It’s likely in the strategy, though, and not just the tool.

Proportional editing is when you can pull a vertex and it has an area of influence in which nearby verticies are pulled with it, use page up or page down to expand and contract the area (or is it + -)

Also, you can also use the vertex pinning tool to pin verticies.

I actually did try pinning but got the same problem. However, I tried your other method with and it now works exactly like it should. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile: