Something to blend with

Hi guys, I recently thought that its due time for a new laptop… but I want something that I can blend with as well… I was looking at the Mac Book Pro, is this a good choice?

If you have any suggestions of other laptops that would work gr8 for blending please just leave a msg in the comments

Why way laptop?

As I move around allot during the day. And dont have time to pack up big bulky things, sometimes I sit in restaurants an model if im waiting for someone and I dont always have access to a power point. The laptop would suite my situation better than a desktop computer. And I do have a desktop computer capable of handling the modeling.

Hi rumor, I just got a dell xps 15 after deliberating on a MacBook retina since they appeared in 2012 :slight_smile:

so far I’m really glad I went for this option even though I’ve moved away from windows over the last five years, it’s pretty much the same machine but made with nice carbon fibre as well as aluminium and it has a touchscreen that I use my capacitive paintbrush on with no trouble. The latest version of OS X have been moving closer to the mobile platform and the last version took native support away from hundreds of clips in my moving image archive which kinda pushed me away from mac, I don’t want to lose what I’ve spent a decade building up…

hope this helps!

having had an old xp desktop machine up until last year i found that although it is just a standard laptop my laptop is much faster than the old machine was. when one had used such old hardware for so long even something most people would call slow is quick ENOUGH for my purposes, the real issue is not how fast and powerful (ram is what mainly counts for blender) your new machine but how MUCH FASTER and more powerful it is than the old one.