Something to do on a Saturday

Hi gang, its good to be back. After a spell in the wilderness, I found some new digs/ job/ friends. Anyway for any of you that think ive a penguin fetish or, I was taking the mickey out of Linux, this is how it began.
In my foundation course, one assignment was to create an “Automata”. This is what I threw together out of bits of junk.

Something to do on a Saturday

When the left handle is turned, the penguin chicks play “head the ball” with weather balloon, while the adult penguins heads follow the ball. A tape counter counts the number of times. When the right handle is turned, the adults flap their wings, as if claping.

Something workings

The bits of junk in the mechanism.

Make of it what you will.

Here is as far as I managed to get with the world cup, before I had to initiate extreme emergency backup plan A. I see a lot of the entrants were thinking along the same lines. And there were some excellent submissions.


ps, comments welcome and appreciated.

pps, trying to switch to Linux as I type.

ppps, back in 1998

Interesting machinerii

Glad you find it interesting.
Originally I intended to have Jack Dee being mauled by two Leopard Seals. To be entitled “Penguins Revenge”, after an old series of beer commercials, but it evolved.