Something unusual is going on in Google's advertising

(Ace Dragon) #1

Google has always had commercials during TV shows, whether it be for Android devices or other physical products, but I noticed a bit of advertisement as of late focused on one product that I don’t remember seeing any recent commercials for.

Google was advertising their search engine.

Something must be up, as Google started on the search engine and using it became ubiquitous enough to become a verb. They could be shocked that a measurable number of people now would rather use Duck Duck Go, Bing, and Startpage. Its possible that they really want to regain their monopoly in that area before they lose it for good and have to compete.

At least I don’t recall the search engine itself becoming the subject of a campaign in the years since I was allowed to use the internet (which was either off limits or fairly restricted until 2004 or so).

Could the mighty Google rediscover what it is like to have competitors in their core areas, good for users anyway, even if you stick with them.


(sundialsvc4) #2

I have not used Google’s search engine for many, many years – and I don’t rely on “search engines” to discover information on the Internet anyway. There are many curated reference sites that are much better sources of information about almost any subject.


(Lumpengnom) #3

Ah, it is nice to see getting more and more recognition. It has been my go to search engine for a couple of years now and it seems to be getting better and better.