Something unusual is going on in Google's advertising

Google has always had commercials during TV shows, whether it be for Android devices or other physical products, but I noticed a bit of advertisement as of late focused on one product that I don’t remember seeing any recent commercials for.

Google was advertising their search engine.

Something must be up, as Google started on the search engine and using it became ubiquitous enough to become a verb. They could be shocked that a measurable number of people now would rather use Duck Duck Go, Bing, and Startpage. Its possible that they really want to regain their monopoly in that area before they lose it for good and have to compete.

At least I don’t recall the search engine itself becoming the subject of a campaign in the years since I was allowed to use the internet (which was either off limits or fairly restricted until 2004 or so).

Could the mighty Google rediscover what it is like to have competitors in their core areas, good for users anyway, even if you stick with them.

I have not used Google’s search engine for many, many years – and I don’t rely on “search engines” to discover information on the Internet anyway. There are many curated reference sites that are much better sources of information about almost any subject.

Ah, it is nice to see getting more and more recognition. It has been my go to search engine for a couple of years now and it seems to be getting better and better.

I start to think that Google, with quantum computing, the large amount of data it has and machine learning, is no longer a simple search engine, but a sort of “artificial” sentient intellingent system being that knows many more things than our lives than we can expect …
And starting from this premise, it could trigger a new level of evolution, which goes beyond the simple method of making profit as an end in itself, or advertising, I believe that they have begun to understand that they can give a real growing up to the whole world system … maybe who knows, starting to teach and direct people towards their best potential … discovering the fact that the better you are, the better the environment is for everyone …
On the other hand, the CEOs of Google have made a profit, but they have also followed this line of growing environments, of not considering users only as resources to drain into profit, but making them become part of a project …
I am reminded of the google summer code … which I believe was one of the strengths in the growth of this same company …
So it is easy to think that winning card is not changed …
And probably they more than anyone else have the data necessary to understand how much and how the world is about to change towards new systems that emerge in the near future.

Don’t forget that google uses, targeted advertising. You might have been a target.

I stopped using Google search in favor of DuckDuckGo a couple years ago, and have slowely been weaning off my dependency on Google products.

Just recently, I unplugged my Google Home, which I’ve had integrated into some smart home devices. As much as I loved the convenience, I discovered that if you disable Google’s GPS mobile tracking in your account, your connected Home device can no longer “locate” things like smart switches to turn them on/off. You just get a standard, “I need more information to help you.” response.

Yeah, screw you, Google, I’m not playing your game! You don’t need to track my phone to locate the smart switches in my home. I don’t even care all that much about being tracked, it’s the shady way of going about forcing it if you want to use the products.


AI commune goes to -ism :wink:
still, you give your naturally evolved skill, ability as individually self sustainable being for convenience in illusion & devolution
btw. there’s no real profit but taking advantage by devaluing one thing and overvaluing another :stuck_out_tongue:
or luck of one depends on accident of other

“if you look too deep into the abyss, the abyss will look at you.”

I am starting to guess how these AI search engine are work, and i started to use their abilities transposed to my advantage, so I continue to use it, but often I trolling them