something useful

too many times people do things with out fully thinking out the postives and negatives of what they do. for instance i love the idea of drying off my pet hampster scruffy in the microwave after a bath, but i hate the fact that it kills him.
ill post somthing i love and you post a reason to hate it and then post somthing you love, and the next person will post a reason to hate it and then post somthing they love and so on and so on and so on…
this may look like another forum game, but its not. its a serious way to help us think out the positives and negative desicions of our life. ill start

I love sliced pickles

I hate their taste

I love Windows (just kidding :slight_smile: )

ok, seriously, i love Blender

I love my son! He is a chip off the old block :smiley:
My boy makes me proud every day :smiley:

youll probably have a bunch of angry teachers yelling at you for a few years
i love TV

Please… NJOROTC. Do start using the capital letters at the beginning of your sentences. I am on a crusade for readable text.

I hate readable text because it is more work to type then
is :slight_smile:
I love CDs

cds are too big to fit in your pockets
i love this pic

but it is military related, and I have the military

I love freedom

btw, that pic is funny

Too much freedom is anarchy, I don’t like anarchy.

I <3 screamo.

BTW, I agree with Falgor.

Type O Negetive and Blue Oyster Cult don’t do screamo (read my sig)

I love darkness

you cant see your girlfreind in the dark… if you know what i mean
i like the way the mercury in the thermometers feel

Mercury is poisonous.

I love to eat sweets, though I hate soda.

But sweets are bad for you

I love good health

you lose it once you turn 55
i think im gonna be the one with the most removed forums in history…
i like entertaining conversations, intellegent conversations are overated:D

Intelligent conversations are necessary for my sanity (I think that’s what’s happened to me).

I love spoons.

Hahahaha they’re called threads.

That’s like saying, I’m sending my friend an internet.


Spoons are over rated.

I love Valarking.
ducks and takes cover

Valarking tries too hard to be my freind
i love girls

I do too, until they cheat on you.

Blender is my favorite 3-D app in the world.

Girls are expensive and always want you to ride emotional roler coasters with them

I love H2O (water)