Something very annoying

ill just show you the pictures, and ask you how to get rid of it. If not, how to avoid it?


Oh thats after subsurface and smooth.(not the modifier smooth) Its not there if i don’t smooth though…

It’s hard to judge from the little pictures, it could be one of the following things:

Bad normals (recalculate using Ctrl+n)
Interior edges / faces (need to manually remove them)
Doubled vertices (use Remove Doubles)

the problem is caused by you only having one face. I’m guessing it looks ok from the other side?

I found 2 ways to solve this.

  1. if you don’t have to view the face from more than one side, just flip the normals so that they are pointing towards the direction you want.
  2. if the face must be viewable from both directions, you can make a loop cut very close to the line, and extrude that one as well. This will give you 2 faces instead of one, so that you can have one face on each side.