something wrong when I exporting my model to XAML

I modelled a gun in Blender (the 1st image is the rendered one), then I exported it to XAML and loaded my gun into WPF program, but something’s wrong with it (2nd image show that). My model in WPF program doesn’t look like the one I created in Blender, any reason for that ??


After reading some threads, suddently I find out how to fix this, press Ctrl-A in Object mode and choose Apply Scale and Rotation to ObData before exporting my model to XAML ,then load it into my WPF program, and it looks like what it should be ^^. Though I don’t know exactly what this step mean, thanks anyway

It means that when you were modeling, you scaled in edit mode, making the object take up only part of the bounding box. Applying the scale causes the bounding box to shrink down to where it should be, keeping the objects proportionate how they should be.

At least, that’s how I understand it.

How did you get the xaml exporter into blender.
Pls help asap…