Something wrong with Sticky mapping? Or is it just me?

I’m trying to do camera mapping, and I did everything the guy said to do. But it was on 2.5… Has the sticky mapping changed since then? I think it’s gimp, Im not sure. But I’m trying to camera map a city. So can someone tell me what’s going on? All it shows is tht the thing is brown, and not the texture I assigned it.

It works now, but it’s all blurry. How do I fix tht?

i give up.

and I did everything the guy said to do.
What guy ? What brown thing ? How do you expect anyone to help if we don’t have a clue what you are talking about ?

If you want help supply as much useful information as possible, screenshots, blend files etc etc etc

The texture I assign the cube, well it’s modeled to look like the empire state building, but I assigned it the texture of the empire state building.Like he said, I’m using gimp. I cut the texture of the empire state building out put it on a new layer, saved it to a png, put it in blender,Assigned it to the model of the empire state building. Did everything he said. (Blenderguru’s tut on it)…And I keep getting stuck on the texture part. Clear enough for ya? I waisted my whole day just trying to do this, I’m really frustrated. I started at 7 and it’s now 4. I just suck at blender.

Also I need to figure this out soon for this film festival I’m in…iT’S REALLY URGENT!!! It be great if people helped out too! Cuz I have no I idea wat I’m doing.

as richard said, upload your blend file + texture, and let the community help you out.