Something wrong with Texture/Lighting?

What is wrong with it? I’m been getting these problem for sometime now and still can’t solve the problem, Don’t know why but when the cam goes closer to the character, the line just disappear and the light reflection on the legs going crazy. Please Help!

video -


Is there another way? the model is going to be use for a game so I’m trying to keep it as low as i can with out using subsurf.


its already down to “0”… still having the same problem

Have you removed the doubles, and recalculated the normals outside?

Ya! I checked…

Here is the blender file:



the problem is it should not have this problem. I also had this problem with other mesh like even a round pillar also have this problem. when I recreate that object and apply the same mapping. the problem is solved, but how do i slove the pants problem? is this a software problem?

I don’t seen to be able to get the effect that you got from the setting that u said u used.


Ok! I got it to work… I using weight paint. your right RamboBaby, its because of the low poly.