Something's gone wrong with my lights!(solved)

With my meek knowledge of the Game Engine in hand, I’ve wrought the beginnings of the RPG project I’ve been wanting to do. So far, I’ve been able to conquer my usual problems with physics, UVs and so forth, but I’ve really hit a brick wall with this lighting issue.

Whenever I run the game, everything is shadeless, and I can’t figure out for the life of me why! I’m in textured mode, which normally does the trick, but it’s not helping this time.

Has anyone encountered this kind of problem? What can cause it?

Are your lights on a different layer?

Are you using GLSL materials with a video card that doesn’t support them?

Are you using dynamic lighting where you don’t need it? (Or not using it, where you do need it?)

Is your scene within the lights falloff distance?

Those are the first questions that pop into mind…

Well, I figured it out.

After a third day of searching, I got it.

I had game textures set to “texture face” instead of glsl.


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