Somethings I wish Blender had

• On saving a file it would be great to save a screenshot of the blender window alongside the blend file. 3dcoat does this and its very useful to quickly get a preview of what the file is about.
• The undo needs to ignore many things like importing a texture, brush change, camera movements, etc. It should only undo modelling changes, translations, etc. While sculpting if I change a brush, make a stroke and hit undo, blender will remove the stroke and change the brush to previous one as well. This is not expected behaviour. Very annoying.
• Configurable shortcuts for next and previous brush preset. So for ClayTubes, I can just hit a key and cycle through the presets.
• Assume FakeUser option in settings with a SceneCleanup option in File menu. Like Maya has Optimise Scene. The Browser has an option, it just needs to be default and can be set in Settings.
• A PathManager like Maya where after moving files its easy to relocate textures, etc.

Where can I make these suggestions to the Dev team?

Try switching your file browser (in blender) to thumbnails when opening a blender file. If you have saved scenes you’ll notice there are thumbnails of the scene.

Thanks Jockomo, completely forgot about that… thumbnails, great :grinning:

Like Jockomo said, thumbnails are already saved by default.
If you want to disable their saving, you have to into Preferences Window > Save & Load > Save Preview Images.

New Undo put in place by new 2.8 design is annoying everybody.
Developers are aware of that and currently, fixing it gradually.
In 2.90alpha & 2.83.1, undo should not restore brush settings in Sculpt Mode, Texture Paint mode.
But it continues to do it in Vertex Paint mode & Weight Paint mode.

Bad brush management has been identified since first 2.80.
A brush management task has been scheduled for 2.92/2.93.

You can purge all data that has no user in Outliner.
You have to activate Orphan Data display mode to access Purge button.
So, if I understand you correctly ; you would like a Purge option in File Browser when appending a scene.
That sounds useful if you are working in a team and sharing a lot of files.
I don’t know if somebody has not already created an addon for that.

You can make a suggestion in User Feedback section of forum.

Currently, there 3 places relative to paths in UI.
File menu -> External Data sub-menu.
Preferences Window -> File Paths tab
Outliner -> Blend FIle display mode

You have to be aware of those areas in order to make a pertinent proposal for a path manager.

Nice to know about the undo development. About FakeUser, I was suggesting to import everything by default as FakeUser and have the possibility of turning this on in the settings instead of the browser. And additionally to have a SceneCleanup option. Although I wasnt aware of the Purge option.
I am taking Blender seriously only recently so I will have to look into the Path management options you suggested.
Thankyou so much… :+1: