Something's wrong - Twisted Torus Edges (Curves - Torus Knot)

This is simple, using Torus Knot Plus or Sverchok - Torus Knot 2x7 Beveled. One set was in Blender 2.93.7. The other is in 3.01.

This is Blender 2.93.7. One is using Torus Knots Plus. The other is using Sverchok (Torus Knots) - same result - different means:

This is Blender 3.01. All I did was copy the curves from 2.93.7 and paste them into 3.0.1. There’s a twist in them each that wasn’t there before:

Looks like a bug to me.

I know what I can do to get around it. But it’s a pain, and I’d rather not have to keep previous versions of Blender on my system to fix problems of the more current versions.

Hello, did you find a solution? I have the same issue.