Something's Wrong with my Walk and Still

I’ve been making progress with a short little game lately while following Blender Cookie’s game engine series that is until something happened. I made a walk cycle as well as a stance animation (like he did) but for some reason when I test the game, the walk cycle no longer wants to play and I don’t know why because it worked perfectly before I added in the stance animation. If someone could explain what happened and how I could fix this, that would be great.

Here’s a quick reference screenshot in case that helps

Yeah I know it’s nothing special

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay I figured it out… the cycles that I had weren’t even set in the Game Engine :confused: BUT my cycles keep on deleting themselves and I’m not sure why.

The information in this (my) post is not relevant. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh sorry, what I mean is when I put in a new animation into the game engine (or start making a new one for that matter) the previous animation/cycle is automatically deleted from both my actions and from the game itself. I’m just hoping to know how to create new animations/cycles without previous ones being deleted.

I hope this makes more sense

He is right, after you create a new action, if its not assigned when you restart its gone.

You need to click the little F button near the + sign in the action editer, (+is new action)

Oh okay Thank You! Sorry I’m still a bit new to this. It’s the first time I’m officially making something with the game engine and it’s for a school project, so I was sent into a bit of a panic