Sometimes Good Things Come In Really Tiny Packages

(WingedOne) #1

I modelled and rendered these two radiosity test scenes with Blender 2.04 completely on my Pocket PC. :slight_smile: Nothing special, I just wanted to show it could be done.

(BgDM) #2

Very cool. I remeber the top one. You were having problems with it and I think I helped you out. Glad to see it worked.

How long to render on the pocket PC?


(WingedOne) #3

Yeah, the top one was the one I was having problems with. When an object in a radiosity scene doesn’t have a material assigned it can end up doing funky things to your scene that you don’t want. Thanks for your help.

The top one I think took about 2 hours to perform the radiosity calculations, the bottom one I think about an hour. The calculations would’ve have gone a lot faster on a desktop, of course.

I used MaxElements of 10000 and a Hemisphere resolution of 300 for both images.