Somewhere in the machine

Hello :smiley:

My inspiration was for sure (#1) Elephants Dream and (#2) the Creature Factory trailer. Just playing around with materials and SPOT LIGHTS (yayaya).

Even though I’m calling this project finished, I would appreciate some good critique on how I could improve my style for use on future projects within this theme.

If anyone is interested in a wallpaper of this render, I’d be glad to render out a high res image for you. Just post your screen res.

Happy blending :smiley:

Can’t really give advice, just starting out myself but nice picture.
Im sorry to ask though, what is it?

Im sorry to ask though, what is it?

lol Don’t be sorry it’s an honest question. Basically, this is one reason I made this scene…to make people ask…“what is it?”

So, imagine a big machine…like the environment of Elephants Dream…this could be some place inside that machine…

(you can watch Elephants Dream here on Vimeo —> )

Thanks for the comment.

About the only thing I’d do is crop. As a very general rule of thumb, “featureless darks” and “featureless whites” are no-no. The area is large, and it draws the eye away. You’ve also got some area at the bottom of the page which really isn’t pulling its weight either.

sundialsvc4: Thank you for the comment. Is this better?