somewhere it's spring

some details (left one brightened):

blender + photoshop

wow. 5*. excellent detail, textures, lighting, etc. you’re a gallery in my book.

Wow thats fabulous! 5 starred without hesitation. Awesome work.

That’s really incredible! Brilliant lighting, and great overal image. It has a great tone to it.

Keep it up man. That’s awesome, and gets 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Nice Work. Great Details. Looking like real snap shot. Blender is now coming up.

Amazing! Five stars from me pal.

Five from me too.
Thanks for sharing.

/ Mats

Imazing!What did you render it with?

Thanks guys.

Cuby: Thanks, i spent a lot of time in photoshop fine tuning the colours to get the right temperatures over the image.

Vova: Thanks, it’s all blender internal.

Nice… very nice…

Hi Taitor?
One thing I want to ask you, It’s necessary that we have to have photoshop,can’t we use gimp, or some other open source graphic package with Blender?
Can you please show me the original image you rendered with Blender? Please.

GREAT WORK,5 stars for all texturing,lightning & modelling
can you post some screen shots ??

Sure, use what you like, fill your boots. Photoshop is just what I use. They’re all just tools. People get so damn caught up trying to achieve effects with just one application. use the right tool to get the job done, which ever is easier for you to do it.

what is your lighting like?

2x Area lamps.