Hey everyone! This is basically the first project I’ve ever finished with cycles! Everything was created in blender (with the exception of the rainbow which i did in photoshop) and rendered out to about 800 passes. I’ve included two different versions (portrait and landscape) I can’t decide which I like more. Feel free to critique it as much as you want! I’d love to make this better!
somewhere_2rainbow by vidmandan, on Flickr
somewhere_longrainbow by vidmandan, on Flickr
The picture is Called “Somewhere” as in “somewhere over the rainbow”

its looking good, but its looking more like a toy scene than a real one. nice job!

Really nice rendering, and the model of the spaceship is good, too!
I like the portrait picture more than the landscape :slight_smile:

I really like this. Although the ship looks a little strange (it could use a little more work), the overall feeling is unrealistic yet very evocative, mysterious, yet hopeful. Good stuff, not your typical spaceship scene.