Somthing just Wipped out in school (update)

Heres a chair I just wipped out in 30min while in school. It’s a chair that I am sitting on when I posted this. What do you think? P.S. I was going to work on my F1 but I left the file at home. :frowning:

Well, it’s pretty good, but it needs more polys (subsurf it a bit), and the material needs some work. Also, why is there a blue triangle in the background?

Ok I tweek the subsurf and poly count. I have no idea what the triangle is, it just appears there when i render and there’s not that I can see when I edit. Thanks for the comment.

Here’s an update.
I thought the text made it look more professional.

very professional. /o\

You probably have the camera’s ClipEnd set too low. The corner falls outside the Camera’s viewing area.

Oh so thats what that is thanks I’ll keep that in mind next time I make somthing