"Son of God" Video Contest

Hey everyone, there’s an awesome movie coming out on Feb. 28th called the “Son of God”. I entered their contest to create the best “Elect Jesus” video submission. The winner gets a 4-day trip to LA and gets to meet Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

They are judging submissions based on:

  1. Originality/Creativity
  2. Quality of filmmaking
  3. Effectiveness in promoting ticket sales
  4. Number of views

I figured I’d post this here to my fellow Blenderers because I really need views :eyebrowlift: and I also thought you might enjoy the compositing :wink: (btw…Blender is amazing!!!)

Thanks for your support guys!

That’s really awesome! The only thing I noticed was that the green screen spill onto your shirt and neck at most times. Should be an easy fix with the de-spill node :slight_smile:

Blender_bari: Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: I did notice the green spill on the shot where Peter is pulling the fish up, and I actually reduced the spill by about 50%. But I decided to leave some of it because I thought it gave it the illusion of the water’s color reflection on my shirt. But I guess I should have taken it 100% out. Because I got the same comment from you and 2 other people.
Thanks for watching!

Thanks for all the support guys!