Son of Nor

I´m still working on a huge project with an international indie team.
The game is set in a desert world, where you can perform telekinesis, terraforming and elemental magic. To increase the effect of your abilities, play with friends in the coop-mode.

Take a look at our website for more information and screenshots:

You also can find us on:

At the moment, we are trying to fund the project via kickstarter. Check it out at:

I will show updates to the project here. These two pictures are done with Cycles. I hope you like them.


Just as I think I am getting good at blender someone uploads something like this. Excellent job!

Mother of Nor! That’s almost almost almost photorealistic! Pretty much better than most characters I’ve seen.

Excellent game!Characters are made awesome!

some wip pictures: … plants.jpg … plants.jpg … er_SoN.jpg … 4rocks.jpg … asket2.jpg … helter.jpg … N/vase.jpg

Really well done graphics!

Holy cow, second post required. Just watched the intro video. Very well done. Terra-forming , telekinesis is is incredible. I’d love to play. I’ll be watching this one. Blender for the graphics?

The graphic engine is unity 3d. But most of the models, are done in blender.
new rockset:

Wow! Looking awesome!

we established a partnership with Emotiv (, who develops and manufacturers a brain-computer-interface. With this brain reader, it is possible, to control abilities like telikenesis. It is really awesome, take a look:

Pretty epic stuff:P I’m really impressed with the functionality of the game and the work you guys are putting into making sure the game plays as good as it looks:P It looks like you have a great team:) I’d love to be a part of a game type project at some point…waiting for renders in animations is like watching grass grow. Seeing the live footage from unity is really awesome!

I gotta admit I’m addicted to the Dev Diaries right now…hehe I love to see progress like that on a project. I’m on #22 and have had quite a few chuckles:D

Keep up the grate work and good luck with your funding and support:P

Thanks DerekG1080!

We’re going to live stream a Son of Nor play session tonight! One will be at 8pm CET (11am PST), the other at 6pm PST (3am CET)!

A new character is born:

Great Style, I wish you the very best for your wonderful Project!!!

Modeling is solid but the texturing makes this a real home run! Great to see Blender so well applied.

Only 6 days and $60,000 left. Hopefully backing more blenderheads this project. Go blender go!