Son of the Muffin Project!

So… um… Just got done with this one. It’s based on the original premise of this project. I figured I’d just go ahead and do it. The only materials we used from the original project were the idea and the [very rough] storyboard that I’d drawn all that time ago… and even that we changed a bit. Everything else was created from scratch.

Hope you folks like it.

Son of the Muffin Project
Low Resolution (3.2MB)

High Resolution (9MB)

Very nice little short ;).

And in addition i love this joke :smiley:
Nice work.

That was very nice indeed. Old joke, but it was fun to see it animated.
I’m guessing we will soon see tons of other animations whit fluid substances now that blender has the simulation.

Glad everyone seems to like it. In particular, I’m happy that it made Apollux laugh. Since he sort headed up the original muffin project, I was a little worried about what his reaction may be. Looks like I had nothing to worry about.


It looks better then then them muffins i had for lunch.

how do you guy make u’r animations so quickly, like i see you guys posting 2-3 new onces every day. I’v been working on my ginger bread man for like (60 hours), and i still am no where done! Or is it that you guys have mad skill and experience?>

Well, if you keep using something over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over andand over and over and over and over

you will get faster and faster and faster and faster…

Practice makes perfect. Once you have a good workflow, you’ll be able to churn out stuff at a pretty good rate. Keep practicing and you’ll be to work better and faster.

2-3 new ones each day?! Wow. I know I’m not that fast. This one took a little over a weekend to do… and the animation portion actually took the least amount of time. The majority of the time was spent rendering.

nice! I’m glad someone finally finished the muffin project :slight_smile: great job fweeb,

Thanks, slikdigit. That certainly means a lot.

Lovin’ the work.

Like the eye expressions.

Thanks, purple. They were actually the most fun thing to animate in the whole piece.

lol funny :smiley:
the voice at the start is a bit hard to make out though

Good work, seems interesting…the fluid scenes are awsome…keep it going…!!!