Song Not For The Faint Of Heart

This is a music video I was asked to make for my friend’s song he wrote.

He came to me with the idea a while back, talking about stick figures and hearts with ropes attached, so we got together, brainstormed a bit. I figured I could either hand draw everything, or use blender. I decided blender would be unique, and look cool/different.

So I did all the modelling, animation, etc, 99% of it was blender. 1% (if that) was photoshop.

My friend edited the pieces together. Check it out:



So let me know what you think.

very nice!

only comment is one that a lot of people have trouble with (including me), your walk animation doesn’t sync with the floor (least the part where’s hes walking in the city and the camera dolly zooms in)

Yeah, I saw that myself. I found it difficult, as this was my first animation project. I think cutting the feet off the camera may help with that (so the floor can’t be seen, but thats just a cheap trick)

Thanks for checking it out man =)

if it’s the first animation project it’s damn good, that was the only issue I had, but then again, you weren’t really going for realism :smiley:

Nah, not realistic at all. I was cool with the idea of stick figures because I figured it would be a good start to learning to the technical aspect of animating. I can step up a bit next time =)

I love the concept and the style. Very cool!

Hah, thanks dude! =)