'Song of Joy', Grease Pencil animation experiment

Finally got some time to learn about Grease Pencil a bit. Started doing a caricature of Nick Cave, then ended up messing around with some basic animation and lip-sync.

Only limited animation here, was only an exercise, but I thought it was nice enough to share :slight_smile:


Haha nice! I liked that. And I never thought about it until now but with the new grease pencil it will be nice to see more 2D blender animations in this forum. Good job.

Glad you like it Edge138 :slight_smile: GP is really an amazing tool now. Looking forward to trying it in a storyboarding/animatic scenario soon.

wow, that is cool. i never would have thought to use grease pencil like that. to me, it was always only a tool for making notes on my sculpts. wow, really well done.

Thanks doris! Well GP is taking big strides I think. If you want to see what’s really possible check out this channel from Daniel M Lara dedicated to GP 2.5D in Blender. Inspiring!