Songs about Gangsters?

I’m looking for songs that are about gangsters (or generally bad apples).

So far I’ve got:

  • Ma Baker (Boney M)
  • The ballad of Bonnie and Clyde (Georgie Fame)I may add:
  • Bad, bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce)
  • You don’t mess around with Jim (Jim Croce)Suggestions? Old or new is okay, preferably popular hits though.

“Get Jiggy With Me, Bro, and I’ll Put A Cap In Your Lousy Can’t-Rap, Can’t-Act Ass”, is that close to what you want? I mean, most rap songs are about shooting people, so I could probably pull a top-40s list for you, and every one would qualify for what you want. :slight_smile:

Do you know “Mac the Knife”? It sure sounds like 50s, crime related, gangster - ish.

Perhaps a bit of Chris De Burgh?

Can you hear me, are you listening, has your programme disappeared?
I can see you, I am watching you, I’ve been planning this for years.
I have blacked out you television, every station in the world is mine,
And there are millions who are just like you as you sit there, paralysed!
I have some orders which you will follow, and there’s nothing you can do,
'Cos as you’re looking at your T.V. screen, I am looking back at you…

    Oh side by side,
    We will cross that Great Divide,
    'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's Eye!
    Oh nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's Eye...

Turn your dial to the number that is shining on your screen,
You will notice that everything is red, you won’t need blue or green,
All around me, fire is burning, yes I’m calling you from Hell,
And all those people who haven’t seen me yet, will soon be under my spell.

Something’s happening, sounds like thunder, maybe the Lord is on His way,
He’s still angry and He’s after me since I cheated on the Spanish Train,
Oh yes He’s coming, and He could stop me, but He’d better make it soon,
'Cos the last time that I won a world, I made it into a moon…

    Oh side by side,
    We will cross that Great Divide,
    'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's Eye;
    Oh side by side,
    Forever we will ride,
    'Cos nothing's gonna save you now from the Devil's Eye!
    I can see you,
    I can see you, I can see you...

Ridin Dirty By Chamillionaire
Soul Survivor(love this song) By Akon and Young Jeezy

and many more, Lua is right, 98% of rap is gangster related

Yo if u want rap…there is no better person to ask than me mayn!Make it rain by lil wayne ft fat joe.Stuntin like my daddy by lil wayne ft birdman.Pm me if you need more iight!


strate up mah nigga

whats this all about? hahah, all the songs you listed are…old, haha…cause your…old, haha.

atomic punk, van halen
time bomb, rancid
guns of brixton, the clash
ebin, sublime

and a few you should add, just because,
its raining men, weather girls
louie louie, fat boys

while looking for some gangstar songs for you i came across somthing else you might really enjoy!!

songs for old folks just like AndyD

were have my teeth gone, by the old brothers
i messed in my pants, by toothless
who am i? were am i?, by the forgetfull seinors
how come no one comes to visit?, by the blue wiggs
i used your dentures to clean the toilet you cheatin’ bi**ch, by old n’ angry (alternative punk/rap/old)
help me to the toilet, by grandma dumps a lot
prun juice and syrup bowels, by wrinkel face
i smell like moth balls, by m.c. old e nuff
wheel me to the roof and push me off, by tired o livin
glass eyeball, by the blind bats
two plastic hips and a fake kneecap, by the used parts
my blinker has been on for five hours, by seinor f face (back up vocals the depends)
doctor gave me three years to live, by stroke face
chrome spinners on my motorized cart, by the rubber under arms

just thought you would be interested…because your…OLD!!! hhahahahahaha

OUCH!! yo that was harsh mayn…ur gonna be old too…so jus stop it iight…

@Super wu-man

Just wait, you will figure it all out. I hope that it does not hurt too much.


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@ Lua:LOL…can i be your sidekick??

can I be the sidekick’s sidekick? I’ll bring shovels!

LMAO nice one…

Well, Mack the Knife is certainly on the money - and Minnie the Moocher might even get a look in too.

I don’t mind some Gangsta stuff but it needs to be mainstream (target audience average over 40). The audience don’t have to actually like it, they just need to be familiar with it. Things like Gangsta’s Paradise will be worth a look. I thought Eminem might have done some stuff that might fit but I don’t know the words to any of his “songs”. The subject matter needs to be fairly obvious (or known) without having to decipher the words.

Wu-Man - what’s the matter? Did your Britney Spears CD get scratched or something? :slight_smile: Don’t worry, you can pick one up at the second hand shop for 99 cents. :smiley: Thanks for those suggestions anyway but I already have all of those in my CD collection and I didn’t think anyone here would have heard of them so I didn’t bother listing them. Imagine my surprise when I found out you liked them too!!! Do you have any by the Smelly Bag Ladies or the Soup Kitchen Quartet? Those guys were great - I remember one song where they sang in time with the music and everything. :p:p Classic! Oh, and what about Deaf Panther, No Lead in my Pencil Zeppelin, The Viagara Brothers and that old top 20 hit “Dance to the Rhythm of my Pacemaker” by the Irregular Heartbeats? :):slight_smile: I think a lot of these will be released in a box-set by Time Life next year, including those hilarious hits “Got anything to stop me Coffin?” and “Hippy Hippy Break” by the Slipped Discos. :p:):confused::o:D

But none of those are about Gangsters Wu-Man :frowning: so while I appreciate the effort, it was a complete waste of time :p:p:p:):).

Hey, does anyone know songs about peace and healing? I hope that some are out there.

twinkle twinkle little star?

How about silent night?