Sonic And the Rise of Robotniks Empire


(PixelSonic101) #1

hello everyone i’m working on a sonic fan game called Sonic And the Rise of Robotniks Empire now i need some help so come and join my team

( #2

You did not sell it very well in my opinion.

(PixelSonic101) #3

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

(Daedalus_MDW) #4

i get that some people arent good at “marketing” or “promoting”. im like that too.

some questions that come to mind:

  • what skills do you have (or who do you need)?
  • is this just a thought/concept?
  • how much of the game is planned out?
  • do you have anything to show off (pics, videos, etc)?
  • what kind of game is it (side-scroller, rpg, fps, third person, etc)?

im a coder, so if you need help with coding things ill be happy to help out. but im pretty busy so i cant fully dedicate.

also, fan-games/ using IP is a gray area. you might have a bit harder time finding people who fit in the sonic niche who are willing to take the risk.

(PixelSonic101) #6

Do you have Discord

(PixelSonic101) #7

I need some help with coding textures maybe music. Now I’m doing some coding But I also need some help
This is what I got so far for the game play
You can check out my website for the fan game

(Daedalus_MDW) #8

your promo has the udk unreal logo, does that mean you want to use udk? but the demo looks like (up)bge?

i have a keymapper script that i think would be very helpful. it allows easy use of keyboard or gamepad. i would be happy to adapt it into your current code.

it looks like you have a good start. ill see what i can do about getting a discord.

(PixelSonic101) #9

I forgot to delete the old teaser trailer and sweet welcome to my team.