Sonic: Marble Run

The excitement for getting my hands on the Sega Mega Drive when I was a young boy is something that I’ll always remember and my love of gaming hasn’t really changed over the years; I may have lost a little of that boyish enthusiasm, but when my wife and I bought an arcade machine for the house, it all came back again. There’s something about older games that continues to inspire me and feeds my everlasting nostalgic tendencies.

So, from the humble beginnings of 16-bit, I felt the need to create an animation inspired by one of my favourite video games, Sonic the Hedgehog. All the zones were great to look at, but I’ve settled for where it all began… Green Hill Zone. The loop-de-loop was my own starting point, from which the marble run developed.

Once again, copper and wood were my go-to materials. If you’ve followed any of my work so far, you’ll already know I’m drawn to these materials. They carry a warmth and class unlike any other materials I’ve worked with so far. For this project, there was a temptation to follow the styling of Green Hill Zone more directly, but ultimately I wanted to put my stamp on it. I’ve also begun placing my logo within my animations too, just to further cement my aesthetic and ownership of the work.

TLDR: I loved Sonic as a child (and adult, to be fair) and made an animation as a mark of respect.


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