Sonic: The Blue Hedge-Guy

So what do you guys think? I have colored Sonic to give you a better idea of what the model looks like. I think I am almost ready to move on to texturing rigging him, so don’t worry about his soulless eyes. I still need to smooth the legs into the body and add loopcuts to the appendages. As this is my first character (although I didn’t invent him), I didn’t want to worry myself with hands, so I used handExp1.blend from the model repository thread.

I wonder about melding the shoes to the cuffs. And does the neck area need to be melded too?

And if you are wondering why the spikes are not set smooth, it’s because I get this weird seam when I pick it.

[Edit] New shoe!
[E2] I previously forgot the ears! I also learned UV mapping which allowed me to fix the eyes and round the corners of the mouth.


hi, looks good. the reason set smooth isn’t working properly is because you need to do a ‘recalc normals outside’, by selecting all vertices in edit mode, and doing ctrl+n. that will fix it, unless you have faces crossing each other, which can screw it up.

0MG, You’re the guy who made the hand! Which reminds me, I’ve fattened the fingers and now they seem to be overlapping each other, which makes it impossible to rig. How can I spread the fingers apart without ruining the geometry?

[E] Wireframe pron.


1 good textures
2 smooth model
3 Horrible in the sense that it doesn’t look like sonic. No offense
anyways I barely know how to make a cube, :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been checking out you’re thread and i’ve got to say you’re in for a big challenge if you’re making an accurate Sonic. He’s got to be one of the hardest characters to model and get right, i spent 8 hours on his head alone, so i thought i’d post these to inspire you :smiley:
Keep going!



Now I got alot more of exp., and I’ve been trying to make one. I’ll post a topic for help with quite alot of stuff, but until then, can you give me the muzzle or tell me how you made it? It’s impossible for me, I tried alot of stuff.

Which model are you refering too?

Do you have the rig for this? anything animated? Nice sonic!

bad form to hijack someone’s thread- you shoudl just pm him ur pics