Sonic the Hedgehog Ver 2

This is a remodel of my first sonic the hedgehog model.

List of Changes made in Ver 2
-Less Triangles
-Bigger Hands
-Modified Spines
-Less textures used (only one is for the eyes)

This is so far. I’m currently trying to work out how to do the pupils. The eyes are spheres that are deformed into thier current shape using lattice deformers. and textures to produce the pupils.

However the pupils come out deformed (because of the lattices, i know) and blurry. Does any one have an idea of how to get around this?

And is there a way to make the render sharper as I find the one I have included in this pose a little blurry?


Decided to use the official design of sonics gloves and shoes ^^


Nice job so far. The shoes are perfect.

If you don’t mind a few suggestions for the body, refer to my attachment.

Happy blending. :wink:


Firstly, this is freakin awesome.
Secondly, I love moogles.