Sonic the Hedgehog Ver 3

Decided to make a third attempt at sonic after stumbling across some nice reference picks in the sonic remake thread here.

Here so far. Slowly getting there = )


Which reference images we’re these hehe. Looking very good by the way keep going :slight_smile:

In your remake thread, someone posted orthographic shots of a sonic model that looked very close to official work :P. Using that as a base.

Also recently got a link to some sweet official black knight concept art.

Finished his lower body. Just gotta do his arms and eyes


nice! can’t wait to see that animated!

What kind of ambiance settings do you have on?

I have just the default settings for Amb Occ, and increased the sampling to 6 to make it cleaner.

As for materials so far, they are also default, I just set the Spec to 0 and changed the colours

Finished the body and added some quick textures for the mouth and eyes.

Next up is the rig then the materials


this is looking awesome, its turned out really well, makes me think i should go back and work on mine lol

Excellent job, ArtfulMoogle! :smiley: . Do you know that they are making a sonic game with just sonic in it? it even has robot crabs! :smiley:

Thanks for the support ^^
@Shadow: Do you mean project NeedleMouse?

anyhow, small update.
Just testing out some quick mouths for him. Each mouth will be a separate model.


I say the smiling mouth on the left

Sweet!! I’m looking forward to seeing him rigged!

@ arbiter: I’ll be modeling both mouths since sega’s official models use multiple mouths depending on the camara view (1 for each side and front).

@ darrin: then wait no longer >:3

His body is fully rigged, tho some tweeks are needed. Just gotta do his spines, eyes and mouths


wow, that is awesome! i don’t really know Sonic much, apart from in Super Smash Bros Brawl… even then, i rarely use Sonic, i prefer Toon Link and Meta Knight… anyway, i’m branching off… he looks really awesome, the eyes, shoes, everything!

and he looks just like the Brawl one :smiley: really really awesome :smiley:

Worked a bit on his mouth and now back on the rig.

In this render in the groin area where the legs bend you can see a dip. I’ve posted a close up of a side view of that area.

I ould prefer to not have that dip and have it more smooth along, any ideas on how to acheive this?


Shape Keys, to control the deformation better. He’s looking good.

Yours look almost exactly like the one from that game.

Looks fantastic.
You could make a rig to control the mouth instead of having to use seperate models.
There are a couple of methods to do so by using 2d images for the mouth.

@Noobie: Thats exactly what i needed. Tested it on one leg and it works perfectly. Thanks for that.

@Asano: I wanted to take the 3d approuch to his mouths like it was done in all the some cg movies and 2006 cutscenes. Thanks for the tips none the less tho =D