Sonic the Hedgehog WIP

I have been working on this for the past 2 months. Its coming along nicely, the internal renderer makes it look like doggy doo so I am using Yafaray. I just learned of shape keys a couple weeks ago even though I have been using Blender for two years :o. So the face poses aren’t that great but I did find my big book of animation the other day so I’ll be putting in the A E I O U’s in there eventually. So along with criticism, may I ask a couple of things.
Is it possible to get Yafaray to use a ramp shader too or just what its material selector is? How could I achieve a glowing mesh?(I tried emit, that just made it a solid color)
And is there a plugin for blender that generates normal maps?
Also, I am not using any textures, so is there a way to bake the yafray settings onto the model?

You can “bake” the bump map:

Check up the documentation there you’ll find some good “how to’s”

Greetings, Robert

Really, I thought you had to have a bump map to begin with to be able to do that? Hmm…I’ll look into it.

No you bake the actual 3d geometry of the model to a bump map :wink:

Sorry wrong link: here is the baking-doc :o

Didn’t work. It created a bunch of amb occ’s and normals that made it look UGLY and don’t show up in Yafaray’s material editor. Hmmm…

could you please explain a bit more the term “UGLY” - if you want people to help you, it’s not so good if you only feed them with appetizers… :yes:

A screenshot would help too.

Greetings, Robert

he looks too bumpy to me

There is an option in the textures menu where you can control the strength of the bump. en plus, did you put the bump map on the high poly version? because if you put the baked normal map on the same model you’ve baked it from it’s no wonder it looks TOO bumpy.

I am not a textures specialist so if anything I wrote is wrong someone shut correct it.

Greetings, Robert