Sonic the Hedgehog

I decided to make sonic in 3d and this is my result. I’m happy with it since I’m not totally use to blender yet (this is my 3rd model, my first one to be completed however). Its not perfect but here it is anyway.


Great work! I’ve tried modelling sonic before but never with much success. You handled the back of his head well.

This is pretty good. I tried modeling Sally with moderate success. I think the quills just need to be up a little more and the hands need to be a bit bigger.

not bad your work, by the way if i was you, i will reduce specular on skin, take off spec of the eyes and bigger hand :wink: good luck!!

Hey, nice work compared to some other models I’ve seen before. but you should definitely try making it more “normal” you know, like socks, the gloves’s things, and the classic shoes. The lower quills look a bit too much to the sides, and try making everything but the head smaller and shorter arms and legs. Then it would be alot better.