Sonoda Special: Rally Vincent

It’s been a while since i last posted in the forums. After my 1st initial model (and some motivation by the guy that made “Maid-san”) i decided to try modeling cartoon anime style.

So i decided to model one of my favorite characters created by Kenichi Sonoda; Rally (Larry) Vincent from Gunsmith Cats.

This is my Target Look:

And this is what i have done so far:

it took me 3 months just for the face since i only have like 3 hours to spend for it every day.

Looking good so far! I think that you might want to make his side burns straighter like in the reference. And he could probably use some bigger eyes really. Good job so far!

Im currently working on the body, just finished on the torso with a little help from Maid-san.

Man making the body was a lot faster than making the face…:stuck_out_tongue:

Added legs to the mesh, and i put some Edge Effect on the render. I dunno why the shades looked pixelated though… Any Tips?

Finished Model:

Now for some clothes.

Hey guys do you have any tutorials on how to properly make clothes? Right now im just copying the body mesh and resizing it to look like clothes.

That looks amazing. Love the cell shaded look. Tried doing a head using sculpt. Do you just do it using Planes an extrude?

Added top clothes, no details yet.

Yeah I just used planes and extrudes…Still i want to learn the sculpt and morph techniques used by other people here…Especially the one who’s making the DOA Ayane model.

Finished the Long sleeve Turtle Neck and added some leather fitting pants (not details yet):

Anyone know how to manipulate the camera so that i can get a close vertical shot of the model?

Just added boots on her, made her skin lighter to match the art and some folds in the clothes:

I messed around with the Soft Body Function for the Turtle Neck.

Next is the Jacket then i can finally start texturing.

Very good job on the model and interesting stuff for the toon shader also!

Just Finished the Jacket. Still i need to put some details on it through textures.

I messed around with the lighting:

Have you smoothed the pants? I think i see the quads through the specularity.

Not Yet, I still need to put some belts on it an some knee pads.

This is pretty much the complete 3D model.

Now i have to texture map everything :(.

Guys quick question…How can i use preset textures in my model? I got the cat woman leather texture (leather.blend) but i dont know how to put it in my model.

Im in the middle of UV mapping the model. Im currently unwrapping the jacket but im having problems with it since i don’t really know how to properly unwrap it. After cleaning the mesh and fixing the mapping this is what i got:

Hers the actual jacket w/ the seams i made. I followed the seams through a real jacket that i have.

the hair in yours is a bit too wavy… in the picture it’s sharp and jagged… otherwise it looks great!

ah… by the way you have to append the material. go to file>append or link. Find the blend file and open it. go to materials and then select leather or whatever. this also works with objects and stuff… ;D