Sony a7iii Pyramid Desert

Hey everyone,
This as my first time using cycles, and I wanted an environment to showcase my Sony a7iii that I modeled.
So I made this desert with pyramids using as many procedural methods as I could.
Maybe I’ll do a breakdown soon.
Video is using eevee


I really like those stones/pebbles and the ledge. Camera is nice too :).

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That’s a great scene…
In the second and third image there looks to be some dirt particals on the camera, if so, how did you do that ?

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Hey Thanks,

I just added planes in the scene and put dust textures on them using alpha mask.
A few of them are casting shadows so they appear to be on the camera

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Very nice. Made me go get my camera and compare. Very accurate. One snit: I can’t see the separation of the face, 9, 10 mm below the distance sensor.
Love this work. well done.

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Hey Robert, thanks!
Where specifically are you talking about? I don’t see it there

You’re #featured! :tada:


I love to see this particular combination: “an incredibly detailed and accurate model, coupled with a totally original idea for how to show it off.” :+1:

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Again, this is a picayune critique. See the line indicating a two-part assembly.
A beautiful execution worthy of a beautiful camera.

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Hey Thanks!
Ahh yea it must be my lighting, or resolution not show it well enough, which is equally as important!
i will take note, thank you

if you view the video it shows it better

Wow I love your shading

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This is really good!

One tiny little nit-pick, unless I’m mistaken - what we can see on the viewfinder seems more like the view from blender’s camera rather than the view that you’d see from the A7s

This is perfect, really nice render, this is also literally this:
New Project

This is the best render i’ve ever seen in my life, i’m so satisfied at looking at that camera screen and wondering how you did that. Putting a render inside a render in the form of a camera screen is genius. I love this!