sony ericsson logo


Looking at all the modeling thats being done at it thought well i want to model something out of a sphere too.

I thought as a practise: lets go model the sony ericsson logo (see attachment).
After trying with retopo and moving vertices by hand i am now in a state of frustration. I just cant get it done.

Maybe there is someone out there that can gives some hint on how he/she would do this?

The innerpart is easy…a sphere:eyebrowlift:

But my concern is how to model the white/grey outer parts. How can you model the outer part and position the vertices in such a nice curve?

It would be nice to see how other people would do this. In the mean time i am going to try again!

Thanks anyway!


I think, lowpoly+subsurf

the spheres are easy, and so is the inside ‘logo’ bit if you will use bezier circle(s) for it (add>>curve>>bezier curve)

Thanks for the answers.

@Felix: could you explauin a little in detail how you would do that with bezier curves?
I have tried with the retopo tool but that just wont work for me…probably missing someting but i really dont know what.

well, you can convert your bezier object into a mesh object and then either try retopo,
or maybe check out the way the universal logo is re-created in this tutorial:,en/

I have watched the vid but that is not exactly what i want or i just dont know how to apply it in this case.
I will try to describe exact what my problem is or what i want to model.
I want the transparent parts of the white wall to be holes is my outer sphere and the to add some volume to the outer sphere.

I have tried it with a bezier curve and convert it to a mesh and then retopo it. But it actually falls, on some parts, through the surface of the sphere. And then they are still seperate objects so i still cant cut holes in the outer sphere. And if i join the two meshes then i have to connect the vertices but then the surface of the original sphere gets all messed up.

I do hope that i actually made some sense in what i described above, but anyhow i am still trying.

If there is something obvious that i am missing here than i would be very glad to hear it.!!

one thing to remember about using retopo is that the button marked in red on this following image should be deactivated:

you can find it in the header of the 3d window when in edit mode of a mesh.