Sony finally reveals PlayStation 5 specs

So when’s BLENDER gonna run on this thing? (Is it the case that to make games for it using Blender, Blender has to run ON it? I’m getting kind of head-reely…)

At best Blender is a bad game engine. Use Unreal Engine or Unity if you want to make a game that will run on PS5 or Xbox series X. I know for sure Unreal Engine works so well you make the game once and it runs on everything. Cell phone you have to add a few nodes to materials so it runs better, but with the added nodes noting the cell phone difference it auto exports to everything and works.

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You mean Armory/Godot? Really? That’s surprising…many people here advocating it…?
So when’s UE going to run on this thing then? I’ve never used it - you can’t do modelling in it, can you?? For that you still need Blender??

In ANY case, nah! I just wanna run Blender+EEVEE on that cool PS5 realtime raytracer! :slight_smile:

jokes on them, i cant even afford a ps4.


Blender is not a game engine. As mentioned, you should use UE4 or Unity. The pipeline between Blender and said game engines is very smooth. I’ve not used Unity, but I’ve been tooling around with UE for years. Just like Blender, the Devs really do work like crazy to improve the engine and stay the forerunners in the market. Fueled by Epic, they have endless resources. Really great program all around. And you can’t beat their licence fee.

The GPL is banned on consoles, so no BGE/UPBGE games.

Making a game with Godot is doable if you utilize a service run by one of the original devs, but otherwise the console makers will force you to use Unity or Unreal if you want to ship a game directly.

I think he meant normal blender running on it not as a game engine?

I meant Blender running on it WITH, maybe a game engine, but not necessarily to make a game for that console! …just…for web or Android or anything else…?

That’s the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard!

But why use blender on a console?

The problem is that sony/nindendo middleware/drivers is required to actually make a working renderer (plus the copy protection of course) and get a game published. But those can’t be shared publicly so they can’t be part of the open source release.

In comes Manzur’s company that will do the porting for you. It’s a workaround but at least it works. If you don’t want to go that route you can always contact sony/nindendo and buy your own devkit from them if they are willing to license you one. Will come with the SDK to develop(or port over) your own renderer and is inclusive of the necessary copy protection too.

Because it’s gonna be Cheap-As-Chips for a Great Spec.


Perhaps a good idea is if the PS5 has a web browser. It might be able to allow us to use an online remote desktop client back to our actual PC.

I’m sure it will, both the PS3 & PS4 had web browsers

Though I have no clue about PS4, I have heard some people to visit webpages with it.

Now as of looking for more details it seems that Sony uses a fork of FreeBSD for their OS. Which means that all of the technology is there to allow the console run any application possible. But is all locked behind the scenes.

Not gonna lie, i wish a hacker would come along and crack this wide open so that people could install a Linux and do whatever with the machine.

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I find it really interesting as a concept to have a top performing game console for 400$ and then the ability to roll back to a standard desktop PC to do boring tasks, like spreadsheets and googling.

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Yes, you’re not the only one! We ALL find it very interesting, and are Waiting for the moment the PS5 is cracked so that we can do Linux on it (not to mention running Blender!)…if at all cracking is even needed!! :slight_smile: