Sony Imageworks contributing back

Ok, so it’s no surprise that “Hollywood” is using open source a lot, but I think it is nice to see the industry giants contributing back like ILM with OpenEXR. As I unfortunately can’t code I don’t know how immediately useful SPI’s code is, but hopefully we can all benefit someway :slight_smile:

Cool, there’s not only some really interesting projects over there, it’s all BSD as well!

nice, wonder if field3d could be useful for blenders upcoming voxel rendering…

OSL sounds cool

It does look exciting, but I just noticed now that they haven’t uploaded any code yet. Apparently it will be released after Siggraph. Ton & co should hook up with SPI or vice versa :wink:

Look forward to hear what Blender devs have to say when the code is released.

I think the source is uploaded now.
Is there anything useful in it for blender?

The Scala Migrations and Pystring projects don’t look useful for Blender, they aren’t specifically related to graphics anyway. The camera guides plugin for Maya may have useful functionality but implementing such things in Blender most likely would be done from scratch faster.

The 3d voxel file format library is potentially useful, but it is of course just a file format. Being compatible with it may be interesting but doesn’t immediately add any possibilities as there is no software available that uses it. For OSL no specification or code has been released yet, but it looks like it is the most interesting of the projects they are releasing.

I noticed that they have now released the source code on as well as a language spec document. Is this in any way relevant to the shading refactor that has been discussed in the mailing lists?

Open formats are great if Blender is to have any chance in industry pipelines.

Is OSL something you guys will or want to take into consideration when the shader refactor starts?

I would love to know that too, so seconded. :slight_smile:

All this time I was thinking this was just vaporware…

From what I was reading a shading language wasn’t in the plans for the immediate future.

But it probably wouldn’t be too hard to hack together a shader node using this library.

Great find! :RocknRoll: Thanks for sharing.

P. Monk