Sony PlayStation III

I am read about sps3 in It’s seems incredable machine!

Open standards:

  • OpenMAX, a collection of fast, cross-platform tools for general “media acceleration,” such as matrix calculations.
  • OpenVG, for hardware-accelerated 2D vector graphics.Communications:
  • One Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Wi-Fi (60 GB model only), IEEE 802.11b/gRAM and HDD:
  • Hard disk drive: Pre-Installed 20 GB / 60 GB (depending on package), 2.5" SATA150, detachable/upgradeable, with Linux pre-installed
  • 25.6 GB/s to Main Ram XDR DRAM: 64 bits × 3.2 GHz / 8 bits to a byteCentral processing unit (CPU):
    3.2 GHz Cell processor: one PowerPC-based “Power Processing Element” and seven 3.2 GHz Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs). The PPE has a 512 KB L2 cache and one VMX (AltiVec) vector unit. Each of the eight SPEs is a RISC processor with 128-bit 128 SIMD GPRs and superscalar functions. Each SPE has 256 KB of L1 cache/software-addressable 4.8 GHz SRAM, called the “Local Store”.

And it all only ~$700 !!!

Linux is preinstalled. You just need to patch Blender for SPS3’s specification to use all mathematical and graphical soprocessors.
And you will get rendering machine much more powerfull then any PC or PPC in market.

A lot of SPSes can be joined to network as rendering farm trough builtin wareless network card.

It is possible to port blender to SPS3?

PS: Final Fantasy: Spirit Within was rendered on computers made by Sony with same technology (Cell processors).


I there will be linux preinstalled then it means you can have multimedia center on next gen console. Now I have MediaCenter on my old XBox and this great thing. New xbox 360 looks better secured and maybe PS3 will get this part of market (open software and multimedia)?

Excuse me if I’m wrong. But I heared it from man who work with different architectures.

Well, first I bet it will be a special version of Linux running on this and I’d say it wont be easy to run so called “homebrew” software on it. There definetely is some DRM stuff on that thing to prevent unauthorised software from being executed.

Then to use the power of the Cell processor, I fear a simple patch for Blender is not enough. As far as I read it, programming the Cell processor is quite a challenge as it is a bit different from common CPUs.

All in all it still is a tempting idea, since lately a Cell Processor Board for PCs was announced and the price tag was $5,000 or so.

If rendering on a PS3 would work, one could build quite a nice renderfarm using PS3s and it would be a bargain.

Regarding Final Fantasy, I think the Cell Processor was only some sketch on a paper when that film was released.


Linux on PS is quite mature, 6 years or so…

That would be a sweet render farm, but 25.6 GB/s to Main Ram XDR DRAM is pretty good. Apparently stuff for it is coded in a much more sophisticated way though making it difficult for any adaptations to really take on.

I’m not supprised they use linux - Linux is good, open-source and much more useful than others in the same market.

dam I want that machine :slight_smile:

256mb ram (the other 256 are for the gpu) isn’t really much for rendering. the ps3 is a bit overhyped and i think you wouldn’t “just need to batch” blender but pretty much rewrite the renderer to take advantage of it.

only $700? for that you also get very nice pc render nodes even with multicore cpus nowadays.

Well, as far as i remember, the kernel of the linux systems takes care of using the coprocessors in the cell, so you don’t need any (in the traditional way) optimized software to take advantage of the cell’s power. Linux is, at least up to now, the only OS which is capable of using the full power of a Cell.

Since i first heard that Sony officially allows the use of Linux on the PS3 i’m looking forward to get one of those for non linear video editing an blending.

Officially the cell processor is only slightly faster in decoding mpeg2 files than a recent pentium 4 processor. I remember something about 700 frames per second. The difference is … The cell does this with each coprocessor. So in theory it should be capable of decoding about 5600 mpeg2 frames per second !!!

lolz ps3 is gona rock, its a computer itself, that i bet you can mod and use as a desctop with a gaming console all in one lol

hell yea imana get it

PS2 was a bit ‘clumsy’ box, my was once on service (broken CD laser) & now for second time I don’t want to pay for service anymore… Needless to say that it wasn’t on for 24h per day…

Well, I would check PS3 service reports first… I don’t believe that you we’ll be able to use it as a pro hardware anyway…

i had mine since the second week it had come out, and i still got it, never had a hitch with it, it was turned on weeks at a time duting some games

anywyas, evert new hardwear has problems but they soon would get worked out (just look at the xbox360, so many ppl saying thats its foulty trash)

25GB/s? Oh so they fixed the processor to main memory bandwidth bug?! Wasn’t it only recently that Sony anounced that the interface is broken, that the cell can only readback from system memory at ~5MB/s (yes, not a typo) . They must have found a work-around or ended up using RSX’s video memory.

07 PCs will have

  • 4core AMDs and Intel CPUs
  • Dual Core ATI (sorry AMD) or NVidias G80 GPUs
  • 25GB/s Ram (FB-RAM ?).

Sonys DRM is “remarkable”. Linux usage will be prevented.

there is no doubt that there will be 4core cpu’s but can u even imagine that price tag thats going to be put on them?? amd plus, there is vertualy nothing you can use all that power for (exept if you gona render like a 2 hours animation, but thats unlikely)

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Cell processors makes accessible technology which used long time in super computers where BIG computer is consists from many cards with own CPU and Memory.
Let’s think you have single core processor on your PC and five express-PCI cards with Cell processors with loaded renderer. You push Render button and your PC sends scene to all Cell cards. All Cell processors splits rendering tasks to own soprocessors. Everything works paralel. Then your PC just gets rendering result.
For gaming one processor makes physics, another works on AI, third generates level etc.
To make it’s work program must be modular and modules must runs paralel. Simple thrading will not enough.
Sony Play Station III uses same technology. It have many soprocessors which executes different parts of code. This is absolutely another way to run programs and using all advantages of Cell might requre writing new renderer. May be on more modern language then C++ (modula, oberon).

Playstation 3 looks interesting enough. But i’d question it for two reasons.

1). It will be expensive, more then the Xbox 360 and a lot more then the Wii
2). There was once an article saying the playstation 3 will be a computer and will make the PC obsolete. For one thing I doubt it will do that especially since just as good graphics will come with a GF 7800 and DirectX 10 and since we have 3 computers and I think 2 laptops how are we supposed to afford the same number of PS3’s?

1)the PS3 is expencif for the starting price. But at least you have everything unlike the xbox360. To make the Xbox be nearly as good as the PS3 you end up paying more. + if you wanna play online, you pay loads more.

  1. I am not sur if I understood what you said but If I understood… the PS3 will have it’s own graphic card. we still don’t know what it is. But it will be made for that.

now to use it as a render machine. I would not hope for too much. it could be possible but we still don’t know how open will be linux and if it is that good for rendering, because it was made to for gaming.

From what I have heard the PS3 has a supped up GeForce 7 card.

Sony are trying to encourage homebrewing on PS3 (unlike the PSP), you have the same access to the technology as developers.(except you wont have the same Sony support, and the progams you create can’nt be sold for money).

I will deffinetly look at a PS3, when they come it.