Sony TC-150 Cassette Player

Sony TC-150 Cassette Player

Completing my last Braun’s project motivated me to finish this old dusty model that I left uncompleted for 1 year !
So here is another “old-school cool” piece of technology from Sony :smile:
Modeled and textured the cassette player and the tapes in Blender


I will upload the model on sketchfab if I have some time !
Check my other work here:

Assets used:
Plants, Table from Quixel
Pen by em_kei


love your work
I also made this before

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Thanks for your kind words !
You even modeled the inside mechanism that holds the tape :wink:
I couldn’t find any good reference shot of the inside so… There is nothing under the tape, shame on me !


That’s cool

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Thanks a lot :smile:

I like your artwork and final effect. Can you tell something about postprocessing? Can you compare raw render and after postpro? Do you use compositor or external software?
It seems that cassette on bottom left is crossing the table or maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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Sure !
Post-process is a very important step in making 3D pieces, and is often overlooked.

Before Corrections

After Corrections

I’m not an expert at it, some of my friends do it better, but I keep it simple and usually this is what I’m looking to improve in post-processing:

  • Fixing the exposure
    Here you decide if you need to push your highlights, raise your blacks, increase contrast etc.

  • Adjusting the colors
    Here you decide if you want to warm up/cool down the tones of the image, desaturate it a bit etc.

  • Final touch-ups
    Usually adding some film grain, fixing the depth of field if necessary, adding some lens distorsion if that’s your thing

While doing that, I always try to keep in mind the global artist direction I was thinking about, and where should the eye of the viewer go.
Viewer attention’s is where you have the highest light contrast and color contrast: I usually keep these around your subject, and reduce them in secondary areas.


Very nice PRO written, thank you very much. After your correction image looks more artistic. Great job! Do you use Blender for postprocessing or external soft?

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In Blender I go 90% of the way, and I ensure that I’m not losing too much information in the black or in the white part of the image, in order to have more freedom in post.

I don’t use Blender for the final post-processing, I am using Adobe Photoshop for still images and DaVinci Resolve for videos as I am more comfortable with these… but I would recommend looking for free alternative to Photoshop if you don’t use the other softwares of the normal package as the license can be costly.


Thank you for answer. I always wonder how many postproduction is done for images like this one. Now all is clear for me and thank you for this :slight_smile:
Lucky me that I bought one of last Photoshop CS6 license and still use it. If I remember BBB3viz is still using CS5.
I’ve tend to make a bit dark scene in Blender and then make it shiny in Photoshop.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks a lot Bart !! Have a restful weekend !

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