Sony Trinitron KV-1210U

I started this project a few days ago and felt like It would be a good idea post here and hopefully get some C&C as I progress further into the project. As of right now, I have most of the highpoly work done. My goal is to finish the highpoly tonight and start work on the lowpoly tomorrow.

The end goal is to have a game-ready lowpoly model and a cycles ready mid-poly model complete with materials and textures. The style I am trying to achieve is realism. Anyway, here are some renders of what I have completed in 2 days time.

Let me know what you think! More updates to come.

Hey everyone, so here’s another quick update. I took a short break on the project but I’m back at it again. I finished the highpoly and the lowpoly model in the last two days. Here are the results:

Cycles Render - highpoly

The above materials are just base materials, I plan on dirtying it up a bit adding some grunge scratches etc. and maybe even rendering out an image, not sure what yet. Im open to suggestions though :wink:

Lowpoly Wireframe Renders - Cycles

11,033 Tris

More updates to come. Thanks for viewing!


That is some nice and clean topology, remind me my modelling. Thumbs up!

I miss my Trinitron.

Nice modeling job.