Sony Xperia L

Hi everyone,
I’ve created this Sony Xperia L smartphone along with animation - modeled and rendered in Blender, edited in After Effects. I wanted to achieve this commercial type of look that you often see on television in smartphone ads. The problem is I couldn’t get rid of color banding that you see on animation (oddly enough when I’m watchin this on my home computer evertything seems to be fine but after posting this on youtube this terrible banding starts to appear - I’m guessing it’s due to youtube compression or something but not sure). Anyway here it is, comments and critique are very welcome.

Yeah, it is YouTube that’s causing the problem. We see it a lot with motion graphics that have gradients, they end up banding a lot. The phone looks pretty darn good. There is something about a few of the camera and object movements that makes me think you may want to increase the easing, the movements feel a little mechanical. I think the fourth shot (the closeup of the back) and the second shot (the pan across the top) are the most interesting.

Hi ryangorley, thanks a lot for your comment! I really appreciate it. You’re right, I got rid of easing totally - my intention was to achieve steady type of rhythm between shots. Thought it would bring some smoothness to the animation, didn’t think it will turn out quite the opposite - mechanical and dull. Well, I guess I’ll have to remember about some variation when setting up keyframes. Thanks again! Cheers