Soon, you will use blender with your fingertips :D

Looks dangerous for smokers :stuck_out_tongue:

with the leap motion you dont need that and it’s might be very close in precision

I’d probably play with it for less than an hour before going back to the trusty mouse and keyboard.

The important thing is the precision, and having feeling…

Compared to where this will go, this tech is still in it’s infancy.

However feeling VR would mean that you could use and learn skills that operate on muscle memory,
imagine if you could carve in 3d with a knife, and the skill transfers right over to reality…

welding, sculpting, painting etc could all be learned without using up any real material.

This is more for VR than for making art.

I think that they are tools, and one day the fields of 3d animation, teaching and VR will merge/intermingle.

I’ve seen the video, and it’s far better than any other virtual touch solution on the market today.

However, I don’t think it’d be a good use of developer time to code support for something that will likely have an extremely small userbase for the foreseeable future (though eventually, these things may become more common as VR technology starts becoming less demanding in terms of the setup work required).

No way somebody is going to be using that for hours on end, not to mention answering the phone, leaving the desk repeatedly (bathroom, coffee, talking to other people, meetings).

I forsee a new wave of repetitive stress injuries, and a resurrection of the terms “gamer’s claw” and “Nintendo thumb”.

A BPR thread with a clickbaity, hyperbolic title that tells us nothing about the contents? And here I thought he’d gotten enough comments about that to change…

I think standing up at a virtual desk and working on virtual parts, using gestures will be quite a bit faster then using a keyboard…

point at thing, gesture, menu, etc,

gesture slice model where you karate chop etc.

pick up a sphere and stick it to a surface…

and we talk about the future sometimes, without it being a feature request, more like thinking out loud and listening to the feedback,

There’s still a few things that need to be done yet.

-Reduce the latency to zero or very close to it (as in Wii-U levels, for 3D work even a little latency can make some tasks difficult)
-Reduce the setup complexity and setup time (ie. someday we might have wireless electricity to eliminate the many wires VR needs).
-Find a way to create a workable interface without looking tacky (you might need something better than buttons and objects floating about everywhere, which certain VR work features in Unreal 4 already resort to).
-Reduce the cost (your solutions with haptic touch interfaces and the works would cost several thousand dollars at minimum), making it unreachable for the vast majority of the community (which includes yourself).

It’s long term and I hope people will be 3d printing their own someday soon.

edit: radio dials linked to pie menu would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

edit2: also handeling floating ui panels like they were weightless tablets would be neat,

edit3: bullet contact points used for input against panels