I just wanted to make an anouncement…

(I hope this is the right forum to do so…)

I am in the process of building my web page which is going to be dedicated (what else???) in Blender and 3d modelling/animation (very original, isn’t it??? :stuck_out_tongue: ). There is going to be some work of mine and also some tutorial and other stuff, I am being working on.

I am not going to give you any url, or even the date I am going to have my official premiere (cause I am not ready yet…), for the moment.

The only thing I can tell you is, that it is going to be ready, soon… 8)



i’ll be waiting skontar! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks gargola!!! :smiley:

I hope I won’t dissapoint you…

You see, it’s the first time I’m building a web page on my own, so I lack experience… :o

But I promise I’ll do my best… :smiley:


sounds cool. Are you writing it html or using a application to do it. Please don’t tell me your useing frontpage. Have you ever used DreamWeaver? It’s excelent doesn’t add all the crap that mickysoft does.

Hi Idgas!!!

Actually I don’t really know HTML that good!!! But I’m trying.

I will amaze you!!! I am using the HTML editor from StarOffice5.2 (don’t really have a good reason why…)!!! It may not be as good as Ms BackPage ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), but it saves some time to me (and time is precious…), not to mention that I got it shiped with me Linux distro 8).

I’m using my limited HTML knowledge, :frowning: just to fix some things manually!!!

I haven’t used DreamWeaver. Is it good???



Dreamweaver!?!? Hell yeah its good. I dont know one word of html code and look what i came up with: shameless plug

lol risk that has to be the most hillarious site i have seen in a long time iv seen the suc me pagoda stuff before but the rest is gold dust did you use blender for the beast of burden thing?

Yeah, all 3d images on that site was done in blender 100%, no preservatives :wink:

Would’ve used wings 3d, had i not been ignorant to its usefullness. :-?