sooo.... the state system.

i found out about it recently, and dont know if most people know about it. a lot of the “how to?” questions i see on the forums could be done pretty simply with the state system. i found a good explanation of it here:

if people already know about this, this isn’t for you, but if people want further explanation i will upload a blend soon.

Even after reading this tut, I have been unable to make it work successfully. I look forward to seeing your tutorial.

Super cool! Thanks for pointing me at this!

Here is another one:

How to make it return to the normal state? I try to duplicate the normal state but when it collide with it it doesn’t change. Also is it a good idea to use the state controller to make a character, let say when near a ladder, play the climb action and return to the normal state or use the near or collision sensor?

I’m not sure I understand your first question. For me, the first state has a copy state actuator, copying any other state. Then, is the case of animations, that other state has a delay sensor connecting to an actuator that copies the first state. Maybe that helps.

For the second question; YES. I started using the state system for pretty much all of my characters actions. It does three things, avoids clutter in your logic bricks, by sorting them well, avoids using needless properties for obscure tasks, and most of all, it keeps your animations from getting confused and either playing simultainiously, or not playing. It does the last thing by deactivating every sensor, controller, and actuator not linked to the current state, so if you only have one animation per state, you’re fine. As soon as I’m able, I will post a blend file that gives examples.

Here is my problem. Why when I duplicate the “normal state” in the blend file of Koto on the thread above, the Cube doesn’t goes normal like this blend -
Also when I modify the " Always sensor" to " Keyboard" and press “W” to move the Cube. The Cube move but when it touch those state “snow” and “ice” it stop,I have to repress the “W” key for it to move. The cube doesn’t move (freely).I want it to automaticaly change state while passing to the different state.