Sooooo..... who's gonna be the one to add texture support to the Ivy Gen Addon?

So for instance, if you watch the following video which can be found using the keys ’
Blender Quick tip №8. Particle Textures

    [![](]([Gleb Alexandrov](·' 

You will see how a 3D procedural texture is being used to control particle clones placement.

The Ivy gen Add-on could use the same thing. If a texture can be plugged into all the various parameters then the plugin will be able to generate results that are far more diverse and far-reaching.

This is the sort of setup which can be adapted to many areas.

Using textures as controls for all the various settings of a plugin gives quick access to variation and randomness in a very controllable and intuitive fashion.

So far as the Ivy Gen Addon goes, I know that user: /u/CoDEmanX

Anyways, here is some info on how to make effective use of the IvyGen Addon as the tool currently stands. It’s pretty amazing.

Creating a Topiary by Kent Trammell